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Smart refrigerators are the future of high-tech kitchens

The world of smart home appliances is evolving at a much faster pace than ever before. Amidst the cut-throat competition and growing penetration for IoT-enabled devices, customers are looking for products that ensure ease, convenience, style, and luxury at the same time. The concept of being Digital First has been extensively grappled by the home appliances industry to fulfill the dreams of having high-tech kitchens for the customers.

Manufacturers are rethinking every aspect of their operations while designing products to further upscale to a place where innovation meets technology. To be a Digital First brand means to absorb the changing landscape of the home appliances industry in tandem with evolving lifestyles of the customers. Refrigerators are a must-have home appliance in a household and we cannot just do without it. And for all the right reasons, it has to be the most developed product that the industry has to offer to its customers.

Today, customers want and expect more from their kitchens. We are gradually becoming home chefs, where we want to prepare meals efficiently by using the best high-tech solutions available at our disposal. That is where the need of a smart refrigerator comes, to not only uplift the ambience of kitchens but also to ensure a more immersive cooking experience for the users.

The relevance and the need for an efficient refrigerator has been felt lately much more than ever before. Today, the customers do not need a refrigerator to just store food but with advanced features to sustain a variety of food items, dairy products, fruits, and other things for a much longer time period.

In refrigerators, the company has been a pioneer in catering to the evolving requirements of its customers. Given the influx of choices, that the customers have today, Haier’s aim is to be a trendsetter in offering products that will transform the customer’s everyday living into Inspired Living.

From technologies like frost-free to bottom-mounted and connected T-Door refrigerator with big screen, Haier has been a pioneer in delivering the refrigerators of the future. Haier was the only brand that understood the real-life challenges of Indian customers before introducing the flagship bottom-mounted range of refrigerators.

For 2020, the brand has ushered in next-generation living by unveiling its revolutionary smart home experiences ecosystem across categories. In the refrigerators category, Haier will be officially launching an IoT-enabled connected refrigerator soon. With this new smart product, the company will be able to create an Internet of Food ecosystem by adopting industry-leading connectivity technology through best user experience.

Haier pioneered the industry in the bottom-mounted refrigerator segment by understanding the consumer requirements. We analyzed how traditional refrigerators are designed in a way where the less used freezer section is at the top and the most used refrigerator section is at the bottom. For which, every time the user needed to use the refrigerators section, they have to bend down to access it. Haier introduced its bottom -mounted refrigerators series and urged India to Jhukna Mat. By turning the traditional design upside down in which, the freezer section is mounted at the bottom and the more used refrigerators section is at the top, Haier enabled its customers to reduce their bending by 90 percent, while increasing the ease of operation and accessibility.

The world has changed substantially this year and with new technologies taking the lead, we also need to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. With new technologies, we must ensure that the products are designed while keeping in mind: waste minimization, maximum energy efficiency, and upcycling of the products. For years, Haier has been introducing products across categories that are not only eco-friendly but also adhere to the environmental norms.

Today, most of our refrigerators are manufactured at our industrial park in Pune, Maharashtra, which helps us in catering to the increasing local demand and designing products which solve the evolving needs of India’s modern contemporary households.

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