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Smart Eye ACs and DUO Washing Machines

Marketing has been one of the key aspects for Haier and over the past few years we have evolved our  marketing strategy in order to build a stronger connec with the Indian consumers. The core focus lies on 360 degree integrated marketing campaigns, which includes various platforms such as print, television, broadcast, social, digital, OOH, on point sales etc. Haier released two TV commercials in 2017, the first lays emphasis on the key benefits of Haier’s Smart Eye ACs and the latter one talks about the advantages of having a Haier double drum washing machines in the family. Being an ardent believer of customer inspired innovation and in order to convey the right message to the right target audience, Haier along with its creative agency conceptualized two different TV commercials. Both the TVCs were based on the narrative of making consumer’s lives easy, serving them in the best possible way and finding ways to ease down their daily chores.

Smart Eye ACs TVC. It was created keeping in mind the critical factor of temperature adjustment and cooling intensity, which the consumer has in his mind while buying an ACs. Based on these insights, Haier introduced the Smart Eye ACs with automatic temperature adjustment capabilities which allows each member of the family to control the ACs temperature as their specific needs. The cooling intensity is adjusted depending on the number of the people in the room, their exact position in the room as well as external light conditions. The TV campaign was set against the backdrop of a royal family, living in a palace with each member having individual demands regarding the cooling intensity of the ACs. Donning a jacket loaded with multiple remotes to adjust the temperature, the air throw direction, cooling intensity etc., of the each ACs, Remotu Kaka is the protagonist and handles all the responsibility of the household. The TVC has a compelling and humorous storyline and the characters are curated to be quirky and striking. The entry of the Haier ACs in the film on a series of royal palanquins makes the entrance both unique and memorable. The reason to create a quirky character like Remotu Kaka was to build awareness about the product and create top of mind recall for the brand. The TVC basically highlights the consumer savvy features of Haier’s Smart Eye ACs.

Haier DUO washing machines TVC. The TVC subtly captured the different washing needs in a family and the various features of the product that make it a perfect buy for the family. It consists of five family members, including father, mother, daughter, son, and a toddler. Like any other family, this family also has people with different interests, hobbies, habits, personalities, age group etc. The son is into rock music, the father is a fitness enthusiast, the daughter loves ballet dancing and mother finds her passion in culinary skills. All of them dress identically in each situation, however, at the dinner table each one is dressed as per their passion, when suddenly the father drops a ladle into a bowl full of curry and the curry splashes on all of them. Dressed in different attires, each family member has different washing needs and Haier DUO having two independently functioning drums can cater to the multiple washing needs of the family.

Both the campaigns essentially focus on the fact that having Haier appliances in the household can help the family ease down their daily tasks and allow them to lead a hassle free life.

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