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Smart appliances are the buzzwords

The consumer smart appliances industry is continuously growing and this growth is precisely due to the increasing effect of state-of-the-art devices available in the market, and due to hike in purchasing capacity of individual consumer. India is one of the most-targeted destination by all the top leading brands of international markets, and outstanding service is a key part of people’s overall experience with a brand. The growth of the industry is driven by various factors, such as a large base of internet users and increased adoption of smart devices; rise in the awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyles owning to the high disposable income in developing economies; high importance of home monitoring from remote locations; rise in the need for energy-saving and low-carbon-emission solutions; cost reduction measures enabled by the market; rapid proliferation of smartphones and smart gadgets; and widespread concern about safety, security, and convenience of smart home market.

The AC market in India has seen a huge upswing over the past few years and is poised for exciting times ahead. AC manufacturers have been integrating plethora of newer technologies to provide enriching experience to the consumers. Indian air conditioner industry is bound for a big growth in the coming years, based on the changing weather patterns and rapid electrification of rural areas. Consumers in growing urban India are increasing consumption with a better lifestyle as well. As the prices of newer models are becoming more and more affordable yet competitive, coupled with the state-of-the-art technology, this segment is only going to rise in times to come. The Indian room AC industry market is expected to be of around 4.5 million units, with more than 20 companies competing in the space. India has a huge potential and is predicted to grow at 14–15 percent during FY2019-20 as per reports.

Akai’s vision is to drive a deep level of excitement and passion for consumers, providing them with the best in technology so as to improve the quality of their lives; their focus has always been on delivering products with the highest quality, which in turn cements trust with their customers. They believe that their consumers are an integral part of the innovation process. With the insight of what they value, want, and need, the company can offer them the best products and services fueled with the latest technology. In its effort to build customer trust, Akai has established over 350 service centers across India to offer easy-access after-sales-service to its customers.

The smart home market in APAC is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. Factors driving the growth of the market in this region include strong economic growth, increased population, and improved standard of living, and rapid urbanization that leads to a sophisticated infrastructure.

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