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Shiv Agarwal

“The market has been tough. There’s been a 30-percent de-growth since 2020. Before 2020, annually sales on an average increased by 10 to 20 percent, over the year before. And 2021 has been even worse than 2020. When lockdown had opened in 2020, sales did pick up, and we did quite well for a couple of months.

COVID-19 has created an overall fear and a feeling of insecurity. The consumer now wants to hold on to his savings, people aren’t spending as much as they did earlier. And they check the prices offered by online retailers with a one-point agenda that we must match them. Secondary sales just aren’t happening.

Having said that, we are ready with another showroom, and expect sales to pick up around Dussehra-Diwali.

Brands retailed: LG, Haier, Voltas, Videocon, and TCL


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