Sharp Launched FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier In India

Sharp has expanded its range of products in India by unveiling the FP-JC2M-B Car air purifier. The company claims that the car air purifier cleans the air inside the car with the help of dual technology of HEPA. The air purifier uses carbon filters that remove PM2.5 and other toxic gases.

Sharp’s FP-JC2M-B Car air purifier comes with Plasmacluster technology that releases fresh air by reducing toxic fumes, gases, molds and also reduces static electricity. This technology has won an award and is meant to provide clean and odorless air inside the car.

The FP-JC2M-B covers 3.6 cubic meters and is compatible with every car and SUV. The device can be placed on the backrest or armrest with a belt for maximum output. It is powered by a 12V Car Adapter and has four operation modes – Auto, Low, Medium and High. These modes are automatically activated depending on the driving situation. The air purifier has a PM10 Pre Filter for lifetime use. On the other hand, a carbon embedded dust filter and a chemical filter are also present which have a life span of one year.

The FP-JC2M-B car air purifier weighs 1.1kg and is supposed to be compact enough to be used in cars. The air purifier costs Rs 16,500 and is available via all offline and online sales and distribution networks in India.

Commenting on its own service, the company says, “Our approach is to offer a holistic solution towards improving indoor air quality with world’s most certified & trusted Plasmacluster Ion technology. In current product line-up, we not only focus on air purifier or air sterilizer but also offer combination solution products that can manage humidity (air purifier + humidifier & air purifier + dehumidifier), air purifier for Cars/SUVs and unique products that can decreases mosquito density along with air purification. Soon Sharp will launch some unique products in air purifier line up exclusively for commercial applications and large spaces.”―Gadget Bridge

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