Sharp Introduces Its New J-Series Air Purifiers In India

Sharp has launched a new range of air purifiers in the Indian market. The new air purifiers come has been categorized under the “J” series of purifiers by the company. Sharp has announced a total of 4 air-purifiers in the country and the variants include SHARP FP-J30M-B, SHARP FP-J40M-W, SHARP FP-J60M-W and SHARP FP-J80M-H. The air purifiers will be available for sale at Sharp’s own offline as well as online retail stores all across India.

Shuvendu Mazumdar, SHARP’s National Manager, commented at the launch “While the Indian market is flooded with OEM products sold by reputed brands, SHARP original design Made in Thailand J series offers Superior built quality, premium Electrical Safety, super high air flow with low noise as some of the added benefits.” To eliminate the bad air quality and provide fresh air, the air purifiers make use of a high-density ACTIVE Plasmacluster technology paired with Passive Mechanical Filtration Systems consisting of a bunch of filters to trap the pollutants and harmful substances in the air. The filters used are a PM10 Pre Filter, Carbon Filter and an H14 Grade True HEPA Filter. Sharp further claims that all the newly introduced air purifiers have been tested from 20 different global labs some of them include the IEC Japan and the British Allergy Foundation. The air purifiers are claimed to produce an Ozone free emission while it is carrying on the purification process.

Each of the newly introduced air purifiers comes enabled HAZE mode, a mode where it eliminates harmful Haze substances such as Benzene, Toluene, NOx and Sox via Plasmacluster, HEPA and Carbon Filters. The PM10 Pre Filter is washable and it can trap particles of size up to 10 microns. The air purifiers also come with a SPOT mode and PM2.5 level monitoring feature.

As for the pricing and availability, SHARP FP-J30M-B is priced at Rs 19,250 and will be exclusively available via Vestige Marketing Private Limited. On the other hand, the FP-J40M-W, FP-J60M-W and FP-J80M-H carries a price tag of Rs 27,000, Rs 35,000 & Rs 39,000 respectively and will be available for purchase via Sharp online and offline Sales and Distribution Networks across India. — Gizbot

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