Sharp China Eyeing 20 Percent Revenue Growth In 2019

Having seen its performance in the China market improve significantly thus far in 2018, Sharp aims to ramp up its yearly sales revenues in the market by 20 percent in 2019, according to sources at Sharp China.

Sharp is apparently eager to expand its presence in China. It announced on September 27 that the company president and CEO Dai Jeng-wu will also concurrently serve as CEO of Sharp China, effective immediately.

Sharp will adopt a multi-pronged approach to further sharpen its competitiveness in China, including optimizing its logistics and distribution channels, enriching its product portfolios, upgrading its brand image and product quality, and also improving pricing strategy, Wu said on the sidelines of a company event in China recently.

Sharp is to build an value-added ecosystem platform for smart household appliances in China, integrating the platform with Sharp’s global deployment strategy and bringing all sort of smart appliances, smart personal end devices as well as enterprise products into China, Wu said.

Unit shipments of Sharp’s TV products in China increased 25 percent on year in the first eight months of 2018, with its share in the over 60-inch TV segment reaching 44 percent, compared to 34 percent a year earlier, said sources from Sharp China.

Particularly, Sharp’s market share in the 70-inch TV segment in China has increased to 90 percent from 72 percent previously, the sources added.

In addition to ramping the company’s sales revenues by 20 percent in 2019, Sharp China also looks to boost its share in the over 60-inch TV segment to 50 percent in the coming year, said the sources.— DigiTimes

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