Nitin Malhotra

Vision And Values – Where Are We Heading?

247around is an established 3P appliance service provider brand in India. We became the largest 3P service provider in India in 2017 covering even the most remote national pin codes. The strength of our coverage is such that 50 percent of our volume lies in tier-II and tier-III cities. Our commitment toward a technology-led approach to services comes from the basic understanding that we are the face of brands for the end customers. Our driving force has been value proposition, innovation, and our people. We make all efforts to track our customers’ consumption pattern and adapt our offerings so as to create a sweet spot for the brands. Thus, today we have leading brands on our platform. From our experience of working with diverse brands, we have built an integrated technology platform that covers the entire gamut of CRM requirements for brands and franchise partners. We believe that people are the center of any organization’s success and a healthy work atmosphere results in happy faces and thus happy organizations.

Our vision is to be the fastest service provider of electronic devices in the world and to be the most loved by our customers, service franchises, engineers, and employees. 247around was formed to realize an ardent desire: the desire to provide a reliable solution for post-purchase management of electronics for both the brands and the user. This has remained a consistent theme across all the services that we provide today. We are continuously strengthening our service network to ensure that we cater to our customer needs seamlessly. The key goals that drive the 247around team every day include first time right diagnosis; timely reach and efficient spares management; remote diagnostics and analytics driven approach for faster problem solving; a smart CRM for all players in the chain; drive reliability across the value chain; ensuring faster integration with new brands and partners through easy API integrability of our CRM; from electronics buyback to spares management 247around has it all; and non-negotiability in customer satisfaction.

Our key achievements resonate our vision to achieve standardization and reliability of services in the consumer electronics space. We have achieved feats that make the 247around team both proud and humbled, Including pan India presence, 3 lakh+ happy customers and growing, services available in 18,500 pin codes across 800 Indian cities, average customer satisfaction rating 4.7, partnership with 130+ Indian and global brands, partners to top three e-commerce platforms of India, and the largest buyback partner for e-commerce platforms.

These tiny and giant steps made us the preferred service provider for conventional and modern retail platforms. Our key service tenets to achieve greater customer satisfaction each time, every time are transparency, responsiveness, and reliability.

Our employees are trained and appraised for helping 247around achieve this in every interaction with the brands, partners, and customers. Repair business in India had been fraught with undependable, fly-by-night repairs’ operators who have not only reduced the lifetime of electronics by their guesswork approach to services but also stripped off the layer of faith and reliance of customers on a brand. 247around aspires to undo this by bringing its analytical approach to services.

A proactive approach to maintenance of home electronics is nonexistent in our country. We only panic when the air conditioner stops cooling in the middle of a scorching day but lie low when the servicing would have prevented us from this situation. We hope to educate people that by taking simple proactive steps they can not only save themselves from such hassle but also elongate the life of their expensive gadgets. After all car maintenance is followed with more discipline in India and definitely yields good results for people who adhere to the guidelines. One can surely take an Ola or Uber when a car breaks down but not rent an air conditioner at 1 am in the night to achieve a peaceful sleep.

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