Vijay Sharma
Wybor – A premium brand of MEPL

The Indigenous Determination

In the last 10 years, the Indian consumer durables industry has shown exponential growth reaching a whopping `22 billion sales in the last fiscal year. It has registered a CAGR of almost 8 percent across all segments, ACs being the torch bearers with more than 11 percent growth every year over the last 5 years. Growth in the industry also led to economic development in the country creating huge direct and indirect employment opportunities. In recent times, many new brands emerged in the horizon fueling the demand due to their offerings of competitive, efficient, technologically superior, and affordable products across all categories, especially LED TVs, refrigerators, and ACs. The LED TV market in India is in a constant clash with international brands available in India but homegrown brands are trying to acquire the attention of the masses with their product offerings.

Wybor is a premium brand launched by Malhotra Electronics Private limited (MEPL). Inception of MEPL took place 41 years ago in Delhi, which is now an electronics and home appliances manufacturing company that caters to its customers globally and across India as OEM/ODM for LED TVs and semi-automatic washing machines. Over the years, with an experience of end-to-end manufacturing in consumer electronics, MEPL has brought enormous innovation to the table. MEPL’s indigenous determination has driven them to a strong position, that is, a combination of domain expertise and comprehensive back-end integration of manufacturing capabilities. MEPL has emerged as one of the biggest OEM for LED TVs catering to many domestically available brands and now they are ready to venture into the home appliances segment by launching washing machines, ACs, air coolers, and party speakers. These products were being displayed in Wybor’s trade meets held during the last 2 months at various locations and were highly appreciated by the trade community and generated great expectations from Wybor in the near future.

Wybor has made rapid sales growth because of the advantage it offers: good value for the customers’ money. Wybor is synonymous with a good lifestyle that is why it is described by its tagline – The Lifestyle Specialist, we are proud to deliver just that. Wybor has already seen its presence across 20 states in India in a very short span of time, through more than 250 direct trade partners and 5000+ resellers. Innovation and product diversity has always been a hallmark of Wybor. In the recent past, we have introduced variety of innovative features in LED TVs like gaming TVs with built-in Nintendo games, WCG, DTH receiver TV, and now presenting the LIV4X series AI-enabled TV powered by the unique SENSY app which enables users to watch and manage the STB channels and VoD apps like Netflix, Prime, and VIU. It has great features like we could browse results on the current watch list of movies or any other stuff, that is, knowing the cast of the movie we are watching. We are excited about this feature as the world is moving toward AI and smart features. Wybor’s R&D department is also working on various other innovations and smart features which we are likely to offer in the coming festive season. Wybor is also planning to spread its wings across all states in India by the end of 2018.

Within a short span of time Wybor has emerged as one of the most happening brands in India due to its different and unique product categories supported by advertising and communication strategies. The Wybor LED TV commercial was aired on prominent news channels and was equally balanced with print media by releasing press ads in prominent newspapers of respective areas. Wybor also installed more than 1500 glow-sign boards and also organized Wybor branding in around 400 retail outlets. During the FIFA World Cup, Russia Wybor offered a special discount on its high-end large size LIV4X UHD 4K series which generated tremendous sales. In the coming festive period, Wybor has lined up lot of ATL and BTL activities to create curiosity and awareness about Wybor among the end users. We are pretty sure that Wybor is going to create ripples in the trade due to its offering of quality and pricing supported by efficient and after-sales service across India.

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