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Malhotra Electronics Private Limited

Smart TVs To Hold A Lion’s Share

Afew major developments are shaping up in the FPD market in 2019. Consumers will see more big-size LED TVs in stores, along with more enhancements in display performance and new smart features. 2019 is also going to be the year that even mainstream sets get voice-enabled digital assistants, especially Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as part of their smart DNA in more space in above 50-inch smart TVs because prices have become cheap and cheerful, thus attracting more buyers.

Bigger, better and cheaper (BBC). Smart TVs with 55-inch and 65-inch screens are now a commonplace. In 2019 these sets are expected to take a bigger share in the market, especially as the prices continue to shrink. A major reason is the addition of new facilities such as 11.5G open cell production line. 55-inch TVs recently became the single most popular screen size in the market, narrowly edging out 40–49-inch sets in the category. MEPL sees the trend in buying pattern of various brands eyeing more on the large-size screens which is allowing to focus on the larger screens. The company has added another hi-tech state-of-the-art clean room facility and all new assembly line to cater the demand.

Smart gets smarter. Increasing connectivity across the world and growth in service providers like Amazon Prime and Netflix are managing the market growth. The smart TV market growth is credited to the increase in spending of the purchasers on the electronics and increasing the demand of web-enabled TVs for consuming rich content which is now flooded in market. Amazon Fire stick, Google Assistant, Sensy, and similar smart technologies are adding a new domain in terms of induction of AI. Looking at the mobile phone penetration, consumption has paved way for smarter devices in large screens. MEPL invites these progressive changes and R&D regularly works on the introduction of new technologies to serve better smart TV viewing experience with AI-enabled voice controls. The company has launched an entire series on AI-enabled UHD smart TV range which is getting excellent response from the market.

Voice interactive controls-talk and play. Speaking into a microphone-embedded remote control is much easier than pressing various buttons on remote makes it the gradual successor for controlling smart TVs. This year MEPL will take things up a notch by integrating more expansive digital voice assistants into its smart TV platforms.

New TV technologies get a showcase. An Indian buyer has always been fastidious about picture and sound quality and the new international entrants have failed to please the locals. MEPL is all set to introduce India’s first indigenously manufactured QD LED TV with in-builtn 30W soundbar system. MEPL will start manufacturing the TVs in March 2019 and will be available in 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch variants.

Many new brands have popped up and will continue to ride on the new tide of market potential for feature rich smart TVs era. MEPL has seen a substantial rise in demand of large screen smart TVs from new players and established players. MEPL has set up a new state-of-the-art fully integrated LED TV assembly line with clean room at its existing Noida Unit, the company has also setup in-house SMT plant thus increasing LED TV production to more than 12 lakh/annum. WyborTech, a group company has set up a new plant to manufacture semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines at Noida, close to the MEPL plant. WyborTech has a production capacity of more than 6 lakh/annum, both MEPL and WyborTech are poised to invade Indian OEM/ODM industry in days to come. 

MEPL keeps a very close eye on market dynamics, while being progressive in adopting new technologies and delivering high quality standards. The company wishes to take advantage of the now evolved market and entrenching its strength by setting a brand new hi-tech LED TVs manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, which will fortify MEPL’s front-runner position as an ODM manufacturer.

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