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Smart Home Automation – Home Of The Future

India’s tryst with technology continues as it looks to transform a billion lives through digital transformation, innovation, and greater access to the high-tech world. India is at the cusp of a digital revolution with the internet and smartphones being accessible to the masses throughout cities, small towns, and even villages. According to Government of India’s Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) report, the Indian digital economy will be at USD 1 trillion by 2025. The sheer volume of internet subscribers and mobile phone users puts the country of billions into thinking with the boom and advancements made in Internet of Things (IoT).

With IoT rapidly gaining ground, everything around us is becoming electronically integrated and interconnected. It collects data and then uses it to monitor, control, and transfer information – activating certain actions whenever specific conditions occur. IoT is now portable, wearable, and implantable, creating a ubiquitous and connected universe, and transforming physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that is rapidly changing the way we live. It is also entering the modern Indian homes and providing homeowners a plethora of options for security, comfort, energy-saving options, and ease.

Connectivity is gaining a lot of economic traction in industrial applications and smart-home solutions are adding to comfort and convenience of consumers. The availability and rising affordability of a wide range of high-technology products have given rise to a new sort of consumer, a more tech-savvy prospective buyer, who wants to communicate with their smart home, languish in the comfort, luxury, and security that it offers. With these new inventions focused upon uplifting the standards of living, consumers now have access to a new world with tailor-made customized smart products according to their lifestyle and preferences.

In the coming times, smart-home technology will become a cross-platform to provide complex decision-making solutions while increasing device capabilities. Machine learning, increasingly, will take on responsibilities like predicting and automating important tasks that comprise our daily lives. Smart-home technology in the future will see a convergence between hardware and software that not only controls the day-to-day usage of your home but also enables homeowners to be smarter in all their decisions in managing, maintaining, and improving the home.

To automate one’s home with these latest developments, it is significant to consider the different types of smart-home ecosystems and devices for a seamless experience. Understanding the different needs of consumers, Haier each year delivers top-notch technology and innovations that enhance consumer experience to an all-new level. Last year, it announced its Smart Home Solution Store with connected home appliances ecosystem based on its U+ smart living operating system.

Haier’s Smart Home Store caters to four most important physical spaces – smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, and smart bedroom. These aspects manifest a smart life as a whole set of solutions can communicate with each other and actively serve consumers. For instance, Haier’s smart refrigerator can memorize food materials and recommend a healthy menu to consumers according to their health status. Likewise, in the smart bathroom, Haier’s washing machine can detect the lack of laundry detergent and prompt the requirement immediately by connecting to the nearest store to provide an automated purchase service of the detergent.

Smart-home technologies are here to stay, and their focus will continue to be convenience and efficiency. With time, smart homes will become an integral part of the lifestyle and that is when more consumers will adopt home automation. While the current solutions seem to be focused on gathering data and simple control of appliances, the future holds unseen possibilities with machine learning and NLP (natural language processing), resulting in a very powerful artificial intelligence, which will thus empower every consumer.

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