Sunil Shankar
Business Head, Onida,
Mirc Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Era – Consumer Is Leading The Charge

Today we are living in a smart era, which wasn’t the case few years back. For the longest time, we had to use multiple devices for different tasks. Little did we know that one device – a smartphone – can be the game changer, replacing the need for separate cameras, discman, watches, or even computers. With the growth of smart phone users and increasing population, the need for aspirational products grew and consumers have started owning smart wearables and appliances at home too. Even apps have been developed to control all these smart devices with few clicks, something we have invested our energy on in this year.

However, the world is moving fast from simply smart-controlled to voice-controlled devices. Few statistics from Google analytics reveal that 50 percent of all searches on internet would be voice searches by 2020, and even 30 percent of all searches would be done without a screen in that timeframe. We have also known that 41 percent of people who own a voice-activated speaker say it feels like talking to a friend or another person.

This global trend is slowly branching out to the Indian customers too. If we see the chatter around the lead products from all consumer durables or appliances companies, there is a definite growth in product launches, communicating on smart proposition of their products. Whether it is a voice-controlled device, AI or machine learning being at the heart of the program, remote-sensing technology, Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning, frictionless interaction, or the old IR technology, everywhere there is a clear direction of smart being the way of the future. Including our line of smart ACs controlled by voice, we also have seen hero AC products of other players also centering on smartness at its core.

Also, personalized digital assistants are becoming the norm, with people using digital assistants projected to grow from 50 million at present to 1.8 billion by 2021. In fact, by 2022, it is expected to have 80 percent of people interaction with devices to happen without touch. We have taken cognizance of this trend and have aligned our product development in this direction for this year and beyond too.

This has been primarily driven by fast penetration of internet to every nook and corner of the country, with ever-increasing data speeds and decreasing prices of data. Leading telecom companies laying the fast-speed broadband fiber cables through the length and breadth of the country are helping the overall industry cause too. Also, a maturing consumer set, which day by day is growing more used to the smart devices thanks to the simplicity of their operation and decreasing prices, is driving the secondary sales too.

More on AI and IOT: AI brings enormous changes to business operations, reshaping entire industries with the power of advanced technologies and software. Some companies now acknowledge the value of implementing the AI strategies for their business, and a major leap toward AI is on the way. 2019 will be the year when leading firms will incorporate AI applications into their strategic and organizational development.

Intelligent things have been in a spotlight for several years, and with a continuous expansion and enhancement in 2019 they will influence another global trend – the IoT. A network of collaborative intelligent things will be created where multiple devices will work together developing IoT to its full potential. Connected to the global web and combined via wired and wireless communication channels, things will turn into a one big integrated system driving a major shift in the human-machine interaction.

Finally, we will witness faster and more accurate Machine Learning and AI applications and some new exciting developments. The exponential improvement of technologies like the IoT, NLP, and self-teaching AI will change every business industry and our everyday lives. Although this can create a certain threat to data security, the new approaches and solutions are continuously evolving. The changes will be streamlined and the outcomes are sure to be amazing.

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