Chetna Katyall Sundaram
Head of Digital Marketing,
Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.

Shifting The Marketing Focus Toward Digital

While traditional media like print, TV, and radio have been there since ages, marketers these days are shifting their marketing monies to digital marketing. Rightly so, as digital marketing has emerged as the most effective medium, giving us a larger audience reach with better RoI by enabling advanced targeting. Over a period of 6 years, we at Intex have reached a large community of people who love to interact with the brand, precisely over 6 million. Considering this number, it was a but-obvious strategic call taken by us, to go digital first for many reasons such as:

  • We target the youth and the GenX generation who are the biggest consumers of data. Their screen preferences have undergone a complete change and not being present on the medium of their choice will only do us harm
  • We need to break any launch first to people who are either connected with us already via social media or are actively searching for the brand on search engines.  They  are potential consumers who have more chance of engaging with us
  • Digital marketing being the most cost-effective medium, it makes sense to engage with those who are already keen to know more about new products, resulting in less wastage in marketing

India, being on the threshold of the digital revolution, has seen pre-sale searches going as high as 80 percent with more and more time being taken by consumers reading about the product online and making a decision to buy online or even from a store. While 95 percent of our products sell off-line, the purchase decisions are done online. Considering this, we have adjusted our marketing and advertising campaigns because our audience has gone digital. After all we must market and meet our potential buyers based on the medium of their time share. Trust me, it is not rocket science – one just has to look around from the perspective of a customer. Consumers these days are digital omnivores, connecting with content and brands through multiple channels and screens. With over 90 percent of the youth and GenX using smartphones even while watching TV, 25 percent of consumers instantly going online after seeing a TV advertisement – you cannot take a risk by not being present online.

65 percent of India’s population is young (below 35 years) and with an established smartphone base of 340 million in the country, our reality is already augmented because of the use of technology and social media platforms. Hence it made sense to work to adjust the way to interact and target specific audience with the right advertisement at the right time and be more consumer focused.

I am personally a big believer of TV 2.0, that is, online video media. Historically, we have seen that youth connect very well through videos and it is much easier to capture their attention through sound, sight, and emotions. We started making many videos around our products. Now that times have changed from when families used to gather together to watch TV to a personal screen in every hand, it really helped us to engage and capture minds.

Every day, technology is opening more doors for digital and creating new ways to reach and connect with consumers. However, it is a very dynamic medium too. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, hence there is an inherent need for us marketers also to keep abreast with the changing mind-sets, media, and tweak ourselves so.

Last but not the least, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Think about the journey being taken by him before a buy and you are home. Exciting times, exciting measures!

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