Nitin Malhotra
CEO & Co-founder,

Services In Turbo Mode For The Festive Season

It is that time of the year again when festivities abound, and new electronic products throng the Indian markets. Electronics is the new gold and one that is more affordable than the yellow metal.

New schemes and ways. Brands prepare the launch of special new models at this time of the year; dealers launch attractive promotional schemes and the e-com players tune all their AI and analytics engines to woo maximum customers. Increased affordability and baited-breath excitement for the attractive buyback schemes further drive up sales during this time. 247around has been the tech enabler of the attractive buyback schemes for the e-commerce players and this continues to be a potent arrow in the quiver of promotion schemes during festivals every year. With about 55 percent of the total number of units sold in the consumer electronics market, television has been the most favorite purchase of the Indian families again this year. It is followed by the washing machine and refrigerator at 17 percent and 12 percent so far respectively.

Purchase is only the start of the journey; for the customer, the celebration begins when the new gadget comes home and is switched on. At 247around our goal for the season is to maintain the essence of festivity by ensuring the same is made functional for the excited customer with minimal wait time. To achieve this, we have launched multiple initiatives such as Engineer Incentive Scheme, where we offer a per-call bonus to the engineer for same-day call closure. Happy employees do make for happy customers eventually, and service teams need to up their game and help their teams get over the exhaustion this busy phase calls for. Our new Engineer Buddy App is designed to deliver efficiency through real-time updates for our valued field staff.

New partnerships and products. The festive season marks the transition of seasons, and in keeping with the changing consumer needs, we have added new products to our service portfolio. 247around has partnered with brands, such as Godrej and Sharp, for air purifier and hit mosquito racquets. 2015 saw the market for air purifiers evolve with brands, such as Sharp, Philips, and Blueair. It has been four years since households’ purchase of their first purifiers and hence the optimal time for the need for service. 247around is aptly positioned with its deep inroads in India to support the need for service for the existing installed base of air-purifiers.

Mosquitoes always manage to evolve themselves rapidly over newer solutions from repellent watches to chemical sprays. Racquets are a viable, reusable, and more environment-friendly non-consumable-based solution. Godrej mosquito racquets are a very promising solution that can be relied upon against the Chinese counterparts and 247around has partnered with them to further elongate its life and utility for the customer.

Indian market has shown its dynamism over time. Keeping a tab, we will diversify our portfolio to cater to the upcoming needs of the market.

New tools at hand. Modern technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, have revolutionized every segment of businesses, be it logistics, customer relationship management, inventory, or others. At 247around, we see AI and analytics as the brain and processes as the brawn to offer an enhanced experience to customers. Previous years’ sales and service data helped predict the demand across states, services, and products and guided us in planning the engineering fleet for the season. Enhanced processes, apps, and augmented features in our tech platform have made us much more efficient and streamlined to make this Diwali brighter for our customers.

With a clear vision, passion for good customer experience, and the ever-evolving tech tools at hand, the team is geared up to welcome Rama (joy, peace, and love) home this Diwali! We wish all our partners, customers, and employees a prosperous year ahead.

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