Sudhir Tatia
Vice President,
Daenyx International Pvt. Ltd.

Message – Brand to Retail

Daenyx has collaborated with an advertising agency for launching new promotional schemes and give an entirely new look to the brand. To add to it, we have come up with various festive offers for the season to bring in more consumers and expand our sales through the promise of a quality lifestyle.

Consumer durables producers in India are hopeful about a considerable increase in their overall sales this festive season, despite a number of backdrops including the inflation and increase in customs duty. In spite of the depreciating value of the Indian Rupee, it is that time in India which people consider auspicious for purchasing durables as well as jewelry and automobiles. The recent GST rate cut on select consumer durables too is bound to have a positive impact on the consumers and hence contribute to the industry’s overall growth in the ongoing festive season.

Daenyx International, a brand that manufactures quality durables including televisions, washing machines, air coolers, and air conditioners strives for the ultimate satisfaction of its customers as well as partners. We have come up with various schemes for the festive season, keeping in mind the consumer needs and our motive of building a better lifestyle for our users.

Daenyx has introduced exchange offers on LED schemes with extended warranty on all models. We also have exchange offers on washing machines this festive season with extended warranty and free dry irons. As a matter of fact, Daenyx is all set to introduce new LED TV models in three ranges, viz., 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch.

To promote the brand, we have created danglers, posters, and catalogs. Besides, we have also put up a number of attractive schemes related banners and glow signs as a part of the promotional activities. In the dealer meet recently organized by Daenyx, we demonstrated our quality appliances and discussed a number of future goals for building a stronger network in the coming times. We are glad that we received a huge response, promising an overall positive growth with new leads and future prospects.

Daenyx International is targeting a 100 percent growth in turnover as compared to last year’s and 200 percent growth in terms of partner network. To build and retain the confidence among our partners, we have also offered exciting trade rates and deals, which will allow a good profit margin to our network of distributors and dealers nationwide.

Daenyx has also opened up a number of service centers to provide more effective and quick service to its customers. In the long run, we intend to be a brand name known by every household in India and establish ourselves as the best durables manufacturer in the country. The key scheme with which we have always anchored our business is value creation for all consumers.

Daenyx believes in working through a standard policy which includes a periodical development of products, keeping in mind the needs of the contemporary times and the latest technological standards of the industry. The aim here is to produce innovative utility products for a comfortable lifestyle, but also to give an elegant touch to the number of households that put their trust in us. To ensure that we keep up with the technological advancements and that our customers have full value for money, we invest heavily on research and development.

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