Saurabh Kabra
Director - Business Operations India,
Truvison Industries Pvt Ltd.

Marketing Strategy – Truvison Industries

At Truvison, we believe in basing our inferences from accurate market research. Our products and the features are designed to cater to the needs of the consumers and similarly, our marketing strategy is also oriented keeping the consumer’s requirements and expectation at priority.

Marketing strategy

Our plan is to connect with customers at the grass-root levels. Our idea is to reach our customers directly at their households; the plan is to promote majorly through social connects and through easy-to-understand creative television commercials. Currently, we are set to launch a series of outdoor advertising campaigns by reaching housing societies and conducting promotional events. This will help us garner greater brand awareness in the longer run. Besides that, in the coming year, we plan to invest uniformly across both print and digital media channels.

Distribution strategy

We have always focused on our distribution strategy and take pride in our distribution network and intend to refine and strengthen it; to further penetrate the market effectively, we want to make sure it is all decked up to handle higher sales. Our current focus is to connect and partner with reputed distributors and key Indian omnichannel retail chains across India.

Advertising and communication strategy

We were able to capture a larger audience with our commercials and that is what we intend to invest in further; television commercials have a higher rate of captivating the consumer’s interests. We are working tirelessly to improve our PR activities across India – a key focus being on multiplying our reach by strategically partnering with national partners. In the coming months, we are launching exclusive promotional programs crafted for every unique point of sale.

Plans for the Indian market

India is and will be our key market. We have planned to push through 6 percent of our topline as a brand expense. Currently, our primary goal is to strengthen our brand awareness further in the country. We have planned to target our markets in a phased manner throughout the coming year. In the first phase, we will be primarily focusing on penetrating further into Tier-I and Tier-II metro cities across India; our strategy for them will be highly driven through digital and print channels. In the second phase, we will target Tier-III cities through digital, print, and local promotional events designed for local markets. Our comprehensive plan is to multiply our brand awareness amongst the Indian populace multifold within the next 12 months.

Key achievements

In the past 4 years, our brand has seen formidable growth and consumer support in the consumer durables segment and we are humbled. This fortifies our resolve to provide our customers great products with our value-for-money proposition. This has been possible with constant support from our in-house team as well as our strategic partners. Our renowned distributors and retail partners have enabled us to have a strong pan-India presence. We have over 200 service centers present all over India to make sure our customers derive the best-in-class after-sales service. This has fortified our customers’ confidence in our brand. In the coming years, we intend to invest aggressively in India to fortify our position in the consumer durables market.


We plan to diversify our investments in other developing nations and further diversify our portfolio. Our goal is to revolutionize consumer experience with regard to electronic products. Our goal is to provide quality products at prices at which consumers derive the highest value. With our R&D team’s hard at work, we can deliver new-age technologies, such as Turbotek, Cornea technology, True color technology, PowerSkrub, Q technology, Acticool, TruAer, to name a few, enhancing our consumer’s experience. Our products are designed and embedded with features that matter the most to our target audience at economical prices. At Truvison, we aim to be amongst the top five consumer durables brands in India.

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