Sameer Arya
Associate Vice President,
Burly Home Appliances Private Limited

Live Smart with Smart Technology

People in the world have just watched the movie Avengers – Infinity War, which shows the upcoming trends of technologies. These movies show the thoughts and ideas for future technologies. It is not very far when we will experience these technologies in our life. In future, smart technologies will dominate the consumer electronics and home appliances products. We have seen in past years that these trends are growing and being appreciated across the globe.

Nowadays everybody is busy, be it young working couple, teenagers, or old-age people, all are busy in their day-to-day life. They are just looking for devices that can save their precious time, which actually is used in typical routine jobs. So technology is playing a very important role in making life easy and comfortable.

To start the day, smart alarm will make you wake up and let you know the day’s schedule. Smart lights will be switched on and you get the coffee from coffee maker as scheduled. These smart lights can be controlled through your mobile, and they change the pattern and colors according to your mood and requirement.

Smart appliances are available with internet, which not only cook the food but it will be available with best recipe available from a cooking expert. So you can enjoy delicious food at your home. You can check the available material through smart camera in refrigerators, on your smart phone so that it can be bought or ordered while returning home.

All appliances are controlled through your mobile, and sync with all needs of our daily life to make it comfortable. So, today Internet of Things (IoT) is helping people to invite smart technologies into their homes at a very fast rate. The number of IoT-connected devices has actually surpassed the number of mobile phones this year. To control smart devices, voice-control activation is becoming very popular as it is very easy to get the desired result.

Robot engineering is a new evolving field. We have already seen robotic arms being used in automated plants for various tasks, but that day is not very far away when we will use these robots at our homes as helpers because of their affordable prices. You would not be surprised to see these robots serving drinks and food at restaurants near you.

Let us talk about commuting by train faster than airplane. In future, we will see the train passengers traveling at speed of 760 mph through a vacuum tube, propelled by compressed air and induction motors.

Driverless trains are running on the track since long, but we have just seen the driverless cars which actually run by the power of artificial intelligence along with lot of cameras and sensors. In near future, we will see the easy availability of these cars for all.

One very important aspect of technology is green environment to protect our resources for longer time. It not only saves our environment but also saves energy consumption and our health. So we can enjoy a comfortable life with savings.

There was a time when air coolers were considered to be a source of mosquito proliferation. Also these air coolers were used only for cool air in the room. Now with green coolers, we can resist the growth of mosquitoes and improve the air quality in the room so that with cool air, you can feel the same freshness as the freshness of early morning time. Likewise, green washing machines will conserve water, electricity, and detergent. That is how an appliance with technology makes your life comfortable.

On the same trend, green geysers also conserve electricity and provide instant hot water. These green geysers can keep the water hot for a longer time to contribute in saving the energy consumption

In future, we will have smart energy-monitoring system, which will monitor the energy consumption of all appliances at home. It will provide alarm in case the trend is going high and will suggest changing the old appliances with new smart appliances to save energy. These smart technologies are not only helpful to make our life easy but also helpful in saving the environment.

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