Sudhir Tatia
Vice President,
Daenyx International Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation And A Worldview Of Possibilities

Every marketing research is a process of systematized problem solving and analysis that renders an effective tool for furthering sales prospects. At Daenyx, we make sure that we adhere to this core concept for brand enhancement.

Daenyx, an innovative technological chapter from Noble Group India, is spearheaded by individuals who do not call themselves business tycoons but brand warriors. Their relentless efforts are evident in the way the brand has established itself amongst the leading appliance companies across India. There is a vision behind the glory of the brand that originates from the intuitive mind of Sarabjit Singh Kalra, Chief Managing Director of Noble Group India. From its inception in 1982, Noble Group has carried the baton of innovation and development. His sharp business acumen always took the company toward excellence.

Next in line among the brainstormers at Noble Group is Jasraj Singh Kalra, Managing Director of Daenyx International. His main contribution is his incessant ideation in expanding the legacy of Noble Group toward building Daenyx as a market frontrunner in the electronics and appliances Industry. His contribution is deeply valued toward fostering the journey of the company in the OEM segment. His mission goes beyond the innovative hub of Daenyx toward the need of sustainable development, which makes him an ideal member of the Clean Technology Initiative, a US funded project for technology with sustenance.

The heritage of Daenyx is deep rooted in the insight for change, betterment, and expansion. An indigenous manufacturer of appliances and the related electronics parts, the brand follows the ideology of all that is made in India, for India and beyond. Amongst an array of brands from Europe and Asia-Pacific, Daenyx aspires to stand tall as the Indian navigator of excellence in the global electronics and appliances Industry. A major driving force of the brand is its assurance of quality, comfort, and luxurious lifestyle to its users. Unlike others, the appliances at Daenyx promise to establish a cutting-edge environment thereby setting up a parameter for further expansion.

A key area where Daenyx has unveiled its potential to align with customer preferences is the extremely economical efficiency that it promises to exhibit. Innovative products at cost effective rates is a boon that the Indian market craves for, which is exactly what Daenyx offers. Earlier, foreign brands attracted maximum attention with globally acclaimed modern technology. The situation that the customer faces usually is the need for the best that always comes at inflated rates. Daenyx offers a competitive pricing policy for customer satisfaction without compromising on quality.

A customer-centric approach ignites the creation of every product of the brand. Whenever a consumer contemplates of buying an appliance – be it an LED, washing machine, cooler, or air conditioner, he or she is driven by the need for product longevity. All the products at Daenyx are engineered with the latest technology and user-friendly features, for longer life and better impact on the consumer.

As Daenyx is set to conquer the electronics industry and the white goods market segment, the scope of development will forever be engrained in customer satisfaction and uplifting indigenous market prospects to a global level. The brand has invested its recall value in this same ideology, which governs production, marketing, and sales perspectives. The brand believes that the comfort of every customer is the guiding force behind the creation of all the products, which is why the tagline communicates a Happy Life for all. The focus will be primarily on after sales service along with providing an in-house call center and a toll-free number.

Daenyx is the hub of multifarious possibilities all weaved together with the common goal of sustainability and avant garde development to cater to the Indian electronics industry.

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