Anil Barwal
Product Group Head, Consumer Electronics,
Haier Appliances India

Innovating For Future-Ready Users

With India’s economy beginning to showing a positive outlook and a successful festive season behind us, there has been a rise in the spending habits of the consumers. The improved availability of electricity over time, technology advancement, and evolving lifestyles are some of the factors that are driving demand for consumer appliances in India.

Exposure to global technologies has upgraded the lifestyle of Indians where they do not see home appliances just as a mere utility; rather they seek better-designed products for their comfort and convenience. Additionally, several remarkable decisions have been taken by the government and the industry this year proved positive for the overall performance of the consumer appliance industry in India.

Citing the current positive outlook for the TV category in the market, we at Haier have sharpened our focus in this category by augmenting our range of smart TVs with the launch of a new series in India. The new smart AI-enabled Android LED U6900 TV series comes with a sleek design and a diamond-cut metal frame. It supports 4K ultra HD resolution along with HDR 10 support that offers great contrast details. We introduced this smart LED TV in line with our Smarter Life with AI promise that comes packed with features like Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast, and Google Play Store.

Staying true to our commitment to provide a holistic experience, we aim to enhance the customers’ home by creating a smart IoT hub with our new Android TV series. It will be the center of a home’s smart ecosystem where one will be able to control all IoT devices with just a touch of a button or voice. The new series also brings the perfect combination of features, like Dolby Digital Decoder and Stereo Sound. All the models support HDR playback with online streaming, HDMI, and USB sources. The series also comes loaded with wide color gamut technology that offers vivid picture quality.

With the core focus on our brand philosophy of customer-inspired innovation, we aim to forge a stronger bond with our consumers by addressing their evolving needs. With our newly launched smart LED TV, we aim to offer effortless access to many popular streaming services and apps via Google Play Store. With this feature, users can enjoy streaming, live TV, and download their favorite apps. The Bluetooth-equipped remote control of the TV comes with Google Assistant, voice built-in button, and hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube.

As we move further, Haier will continue to help consumers understand the new generation of innovative home appliances and its role in transforming their daily lives. We believe that connected consumers need to be convinced to adopt the bolder vision of a future where appliances with digital intelligence eliminate boring, repetitive household tasks and allow them to enjoy their daily lives. Our dream is to achieve this for every corner of India and we are hopeful that we will be rewarded with sustainable long-term value growth.

During the year 2019, the overall industry has witnessed a growth not only in the sales but also saw several new brands make their debut in the TV industry with the launch of smart TVs and other new technologies.

With the launch of our newly introduced Android LED TV, we aim to bolster the transformation of Indian modern homes into a smart hub, as in the coming times, smart home technology will become a cross-platform to provide complex decision-making solutions while increasing device capabilities.

To automate one’s home with these latest developments, it is significant to consider different types of smart home ecosystems and devices for a seamless experience. Understanding the different needs of consumers, Haier each year delivers top-notch technology and innovations that enhance consumer experience to an all-new level.

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