Arjuun Bajaj
CEO and Founder,
Daiwa TV

Delivering Consumer Needs Is The Key

At Daiwa we believe in giving great importance to the marketing strategy of the brand. Within a very short span of time, Daiwa has become the most selling affordable smart TV brand in India. The road to this was not that easy. At present, the Indian TV market is dominated by popular brands including LG, Samsung, and Sony with a total of more than 75 percent hold. Our marketing strategy is to triumph over the market by focusing on TV sizes that are most sold in India and that is the reason we have the following screen sizes – 32-inch, 42-inch, and
55-inch. Together these three sizes have around 78 percent share in the Indian TV market in terms of volumes. In this way, we at Daiwa believe in having a very aggressive marketing strategy for our brand in the coming years and shall be using different marketing strategies for different segments of the market. We had very recently conducted a very successful marketing campaign in Punjab and will soon map the exercise to other major towns also in next 2 months. The campaign is India Bole Daiwa which reflects the growing confidence and attraction of Indian customers in the brand and the brand’s steadfast dedication to stand true to its vision.

Distribution network and strategy

Our distribution network is highly planned and researched to benefit the brand, the customer, and also the channel partners. In terms of distribution network, our chief functioning is establishing a stronger foothold and expanding at the pan India level especially in tier-II and tier-III markets. We are focusing on the distributor network, bringing a presence in the online and offline market but also, connecting to the consumers from the grass-root level.

Advertising and communication strategy

Advertising has advanced in the coming years, we are currently being able to connect to our consumers and comprehend better through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and LinkedIn. We also tend to communicate with pan India audience through our PR activities and various campaigns being launched by us. We had launched a campaign in Punjab recently called India Bole Daiwa and we shall be running the campaign in the other states in the next few months.

Plans for the Indian market

Daiwa’s vision, mission, and motto is eventually to deliver the elite and uncompromised technology at prudent prices and with that as a plan for coming years, Daiwa is going to aim to be in the top three consumer durable brands in the upcoming years in both offline and online capturing the majority of categories; especially the TV category. Daiwa furthermore, aims to have its customized retail outlets in the major cities across pan India.

Key achievements

Daiwa’s key achievement is that it breaks the myth that the best products only come at a hefty price. The company prides itself in offering state-of-the-art technology at low price points. The company is able to maintain low prices because their production facility is located in India. Also we tailor solutions as per the Indian audience unlike brands that simply import the solutions to India. We at Daiwa have also managed to launch India’s most affordable 4K TV. We are also planning to come up with a whole new range of premium 4K TVs and the features are going to be advanced and never seen before.

Our vision

Consumers today have a keen knowledge of the latest technology and they eye enhanced and better gadgets at prudent prices. Daiwa is a brand which delivers what consumers today need. Our dedication to the company first and foremost is to maintain our brand’s name and quality of the products without any compromise. We envision our brand to be amongst the top three consumer durable brands in the next 5 years. Pioneering in the TV category, and being the strength of the company, Daiwa TVs improve the quality of life of people.

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