Sudhir Tatia
Vice President,
Daenyx International Pvt. Ltd.

Bringing Next-Gen Intuitive Entertainment To The Doorstep Of Consumers

The TV industry has undergone a major shift in recent years more so in the last decade alone. The TV has come a long way from the CRT technology era to the age of smart screens. Now the machine has become an incredible source and platform to entertain, advertise, broadcast news, and educate. The industry caters to the all ages sexes and audiences which includes, home entertainment, gaming, and digital lifestyle.

The dawn of digital and technological innovations is responsible for the evolution and design that users experience in today’s TV.  The plethora of these wonderful smart home essentials with respect to design and form factor have progressed with plasma TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, smart TV, along with the connectivity to the major entertainment platforms with few clicks and taps. Following a global phenomenon, the trends in the Indian market is shifting with the rise of new entertainment eco-systems like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Today’s TVs look like the things of future as compared to the years of electro-mechanical rotating mirror-drum scanners and CRT. The technological change is advancing at a rapid pace. Resolution is one of the key factors that have become the selling point for brands and the general range in the market is not focused on HD, 4K, and 8K. With the consumer behavioral transformation and constant demand to be surprised, UHD TVs have become the norm. The technology has traveled light years in order to bring out the difference between the darkest and brightest images a TV can produce 8K UHD is exactly 16 times the resolution of full HD. But being at the nascent stage, 8K products need to be perfected further so they can participate in the mainstream competition purely on the next-gen level of clarity and details. The series can revolutionize the TV industry from intricately bringing out the texture of early morning dew to capturing the real emotions in the sweat of an athlete during a live match. The magic of 8K resolution is all about bringing the most realistic visuals to the audience.

The next big leap for the TV industry is to bring VR-equipped sets and holographic TV in the living room setups of the consumers. Android TVs are steadily gaining ground with the ease of mobile viewing and traditional entertainment on the same screen. Daenyx is coming through the ranks and gaining popularity and momentum among the Indian consumers with their high-end quality available at a reasonable pricing.

The TV industry is highly influenced with the factors like expanding internet connectivity and broadband infrastructure, smartphones, live streaming apps, social networking, and cutting-edge technology that are critical to defining the current era with HDR, Dolby Vision, and LCDs to OLEDs. The heart of this paradigm shift is constructed around the anytime anywhere any device platform that can play content online and offline.

Daenyx has a diverse range of smart LED TVs and full HD TVs with UHD projection and henceforth covering up a majority of the market. The range comes in 24-inch, 32-inch, 39-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch with incredible visual clarity and real-life colors that lets one conveniently escape to the world of virtual entertainment. Built-in features like Dolby Digital sound, connectivity ports, digital noise reduction, screen mirroring, and a power-packed Quad Core processors add to the overall appeal to the range of products. Daenyx lets the customers indulge in experiencing true colors, rich and intense details with its exclusive range of full HD smart TVs. The advanced real-life projection, surround sound and enhanced live action imaging gives superior finesse, delivering an overall soothing experience.

The trends point out that 2019 will be ruled by OLED, UHD, and smart TVs. The expansion of entertainment platforms are shaping the expectations with the availability of high-resolution content on 4K and 8K resolution in India. The future of TV is taking a beautiful form with intuitive and interactive experiences that include social media interfaces and gaming in an open world on multi-players. The winners will be the ones who will successfully deliver the tailored features and preferences that are desired by the consumers spoilt for choices

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