Samsung Rolls Out 16 Kg Dryer

Samsung Electronics rolled out a 16-kilogram capacity dryer, aiming to catch up with market leader LG Electronics said.

Samsung said it came up with the Grade Dryer with a capacity of 16-kilograms to meet the growing market demand for products that can accommodate big loads of laundry.

“The idea to tailor the 16-kilogram dryer is to fit customers’ needs. The hottest item among housewives here this year is a dryer and they want to have a larger one that can dry large loads of laundry such as big and heavy blankets,” said a Samsung official during a press conference in Seoul.

The dryer market has seen rapid growth due to increasingly humid weather conditions and fine dust, the latter of which has become an issue in both summer and winter.

While LG has led the dryer market here with a share of over two-thirds, Samsung is trying to catch up by introducing the 16-kilogram edition earlier than its electronics rival. LG is scheduled to release a 16-kilogram capacity dryer in December.

The two home appliance giants have concentrated on selling 9-kilogram models but they are rushing to increase the capacity of dryers. It has been less than a year since the two rolled out 14-kilogram editions.

“Customers can purchase the products starting this weekend. Samsung is expected to gain more market share as we announced the 16-kilogram capacity edition before LG,” the official said.

Samsung said its 16-kilogram dryer is the same size as its 14-kilogram model but it can handle larger loads of laundry.

The 16-kilogram edition comes in three different colors ― black, white and silver and the price ranges from 2.19 million won (USD 1,940) to 2.29 million won (USD 2,208).

Using what the firm dubbed the “Magic 60 degree” feature, the dryer can minimize possible damage to laundry items as it limits the temperature inside the device to 60 degree Celsius. The new dryer can also keep the top performance regardless of seasons as the machine uses what it calls low-temperature dehumidification inverter technology.

With a sterilization feature, the dryer can also eliminate 100 percent of dust mites that stick to clothes, 99 percent of harmful germs such as Bacillus pyocyaneus and Staphylococcus aureus and 95 percent of pollen.― The Korea Times

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