Samsung Opens Its Largest Store In The World In India

Samsung made a powerful bid for number one by opening its first flagship store in this county of more than one billion persons.

The facility opened by Samsung the other day — the Samsung Opera House Store — is Samsung’s biggest in the world. Analysts say this fact alone confirms Samsung’s intention to grab market leadership in India from the Chinese.

The Opera House store highlights Samsung’s commitment to the growing Indian market, which remains unsaturated unlike China’s. Samsung continues to face tough competition and the Opera House is a clear sign its intent on beating the Chinese, said analysts.

Samsung controls 23 percent of India’s smartphone market compared to Xiaomi, whose cheap brands give it a market share of 30 percent. Apple owns a measly one percent share of the market, according to research firm IDC.

The 33,000-square-foot store opened in the southern city of Bengaluru (Bangalore) and is referred to by the company as a “mobile experience center” and its largest retail store in the world. Samsung opened the world’s largest phone factory earlier this year, also in India.

Showcased at Samsung’s Opera House store are is full range of mobile phones, accessories, VR headsets, IoT devices, wearables, and home appliances, and consumer electronics products like TVs and appliances, among many others. Samsung is emphasizing its VR devices at the store. The VR experience for customers also includes a Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair that makes 360 degrees three-dimensional movements.

The Samsung Opera House also allows customers to book the store’s home theater zone for viewing movies and TV shows. The service highlights Samsung’s QLED TVs (including The Frame TV) plus Family Hub refrigerators and smart ovens. The store also has a customer service center.

As can be expected from such a large store, there will be Samsung’s biggest ever display of accessories, cases, covers and power banks on a 24-foot-long wall. Customers can avail of unique customization options for accessories such as military strength skins for screen protection and 360-degree body protection.

A cool feature for customers is laser engraving any design or content on the mobile phone covers they buy. There will also be a range of Harman Kardon, JBL and Samsung audio devices for sale.

HC Hong, Samsung SouthWest Asia’s CEO, and the president said Opera House will organize workshops, activities, and events, bringing together Samsung’s innovations with people’s passions. He said Samsung is proud of the transformation this place has seen.

The building housing the store was built during the British colonial era. Samsung restored the original facade over the last two years. – Business Time

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