Samsung Family Hub 2019 Announced With Smarter Home AI, Bixby 2.0

Samsung has now announced the Family Hub 2019 with several improvements that offer a communal, emotional and cultural experience in the kitchen. The fourth edition of Family Hub comes with new features which utilize the AI and IoT capabilities of the products to enhance the infotainment factor when being in a kitchen.

Among the features added to Samsung Family Hub 2019 is the Family Board. Family Board allows family members to interact with one another and share countless memories, giving the refrigerator’s screen a familiar feel. The Home Screen now offers a digital service experience with an overview of important information and apps.

The new Whiteboard has been updated with smart calligraphy that can recognize handwriting and a drawing function that can identify the objects depicted. There is also a dynamic screen saver feature that can be used to display precious family moments or blend into your home with ambient mode when Family Hub’s touch screen is not in use.

Another feature that sets the 2019 Family Hub apart from previous iterations is support for the new Bixby. The new Bixby offers more services which allow users to seamlessly control and monitor home IoT devices and services from the kitchen with your voice alone. You can ask the new Bixby to search for recipes, check the weather forecast, set a reminder, all of which will also be displayed on the 21.5-inch touchscreen provided on the Family Hub refrigerators.

Family Hub 2019 also comes with Smart View which lets users mirror third-party apps on Family Hub’s screen from a Galaxy smartphone. This paired with the latest Bixby assistant allows you to answer a call hands-free and browse through apps without using the phone. There’s a Home Service feature which can set the mood with music when you are preparing a small gathering or turn on your favorite playlist while you are cooking.

Lastly, the new Family Hub interface also lets users search for healthy recipes or preset the oven directly from the Recipes app with easy-to-use voice features. Users can also add items to their Shopping List or tag items for reminders and expiration dates.―The Mobile Indian

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