Samsung Electronics Seeking To Stay Ahead Of The Game With 8K TVs

The TV war between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is shifting from QLED TVs versus OLED TVs to 8K TVs versus OLED TVs. Samsung Electronics, which launched the industry’s first 8K TVs last year, has been stepping up its efforts to dominate the world 8K TV market.

8K TVs can achieve a resolution 16 times clearer than that of full HD TVs and four times clearer than that of 4K UHD TVs. Samsung aims to create synergy by applying 8K TV technology to QLED TVs.

Samsung introduced its 8K TV technology roadmap at the 8K Display Summit where industry experts gathered from key markets such as North America, Asia and Europe. Early this year, it launched the “8K alliance” in cooperation with 10 major overseas TV manufacturers and panel makers including Panasonic in Japan and Hisense in China to discuss 8K standardization.

LG Display has become a latecomer in 8K TV technology due to the difficulty of applying it to large OLED panels. It launched an 8K TV panel this month. LG Display is sparing no efforts to expand the OLED TV market. Fifteen global companies newly joined the OLED TV group this year. LG Electronics first entered the OLED TV market in 2013, followed by China’s Skyworks, Japan’s Sony and Toshiba, Europe’s Philips and Bang & Olufsen.―Business Korea

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