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Samsung Electronics realizes Human Brain-like AI Chip

Samsung Electronics announced on Jan. 12 that it realized the world’s first MRAM-based in-memory computing. The new development, which is similar in form to the human brain, is even capable of inference. Samsung Electronics is expected to be able to keep ahead in the fast-growing AI chip industry with the new AI chip technology.

In-memory computing is to store data and carry out calculations with one chip. With this technique, a large amount of information in a memory is computed in parallel in the memory without any movement and, as a result, power consumption can be reduced to a large extent. The technique is essential in developing next-generation low-power consumption AI chips.

The global AI chip demand is soaring these days as AI technologies are being increasingly utilized in a wide variety of industries. According to market research firms, the average annual growth of the global AI chip market for the period of 2022 to 2025 is estimated at over 30 percent.

MRAMs, in the meantime, are characterized by a high level of data stability, a high processing speed, and a low resistance value hindering the realization of in-memory computing. Samsung Electronics successfully achieved a low-power consumption design by overcoming this limitation and reaching an accuracy level of 98 percent and 93 percent in number classification and face detection, respectively.

The research is particularly meaningful in that its outcome is the world’s first in-memory computing-based realization of MRAMs that can be mass produced in combination with non-memory chip manufacturing processes. In addition, Samsung Electronics suggested the possibility of MRAM chip utilization as a neuromorphic platform. Business Korea

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