Samsung Electronics Cements Leadership In Premium TV As QLED Wins Over OLED

Samsung Electronics Co. stayed atop in the premium TV market with its quantum-dot based QLED gaining further grounds over OLED on the ultra-thin and high-definition TV screen front.

The Korean tech behemoth claimed a 29.4 percent share of the entire global TV market in the January-March period this year, according to a report released by global industry research company IHS Markit on Wednesday. Its share was 0.8 percentage point higher against the previous year at the expense of losses of other TV majors.

Its robust performance was driven by strong sales of quantum-dot LCD display (QLED) TVs in the premium segment. Global QLED TV shipments in the first quarter reached 912,000 units, more than doubled from 367,000 units in the same period a year earlier. Of the total, Samsung Electronics was responsible for 896,000 units, which tripled from 337,000 units a year ago.

QLED TV’s long-standing rival OLED TV was sold 611,000 units across the world in the first quarter, compared with 470,000 units a year earlier.

The share of LG Electronics who leads the OLED pack fell to 16.5 percent in the first quarter from 17.9 percent a year-ago. Sony’s share in the premium TV market slipped to 8.3 percent from 9.1 percent.

QLED TV sales far outnumbered OLED TV sales also in terms of value. In the first quarter, global QLED TV sales amounted to $1.87 billion while OLED TV sales stopped at $1.37 billion. Samsung Electronics has led global QLED TV sales whereas the company’s archrival LG Electronics has pitched for OLED TVs.

The overall TV market in the first quarter grew slightly in terms of shipments to 52 million units but shrank in value to $25 billion against a year-ago period due to a fall in market prices of the TV sets.

But good news is that the premium TV market is steadily growing with increasing demand for bigger-sized and higher definition TVs, boding well for QLED and OLED TV sales. The share of 70-inch and larger TVs grew to 7.6 percent from 5.1 percent, and that of above 60-inch but below 70-inch expanded to 19.1 percent from 14.8 percent over the cited period.―Pulse News

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