Samsung Curd Maestro | First Refrigerator That Makes Curd

Posted by Samsung Electronics

Curd is a favourite in almost every Indian household, and in a variety of ways. Dahi Bhalla, Curd Rice, Kadhi, Dahi ke Kebab, Mishti Doi and many more. Making curd recipes is fun, it’s even nicer to eat them. But what if making curd could be as easy as putting the ingredients in your refrigerator and wait for a few hours.

Samsung Curd Maestro Frost Free Refrigerator addresses the problem of curd making which is complex, time taking and tricky. Now, with the new Samsung Curd Maestro Frost Free Refrigerator, you can easily make curd with the same consistency in all weather conditions. National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has tested and recommended the process of curd making in Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator.―TVJ Bureau

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