Sales Of Home Appliances And Electronics Expected To Increase By 50 Percent In 2019

With the Easter approaching, expenses on home appliances increases, either as gifts for the dear one or to cover the needs of the household. Smart electronics are in both categories and analysis show that people are allocating RON 500 for the first device of this kind, while the second purchase has a budget increased 4 times.

Interesting fact it that the prices of smart electronics and appliances fell, on average, by 20 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Autonomous vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances, washing machines and air conditioners that can be controlled from the mobile phone, smart light bulbs and sockets, voice-activated speakers and personal assistant, devices where TVs older computers can be connected to the Internet, smart bins, smoke sensors that send alerts directly to the smartphone – are just some of the electronic and home electronics products that ease home chores and meet the needs of users.

Virtually unthinkable 10 years ago, intelligent products have become more and more frequent in Romanian homes as they become more accessible, and the requirement for this category is getting bigger as a result of awareness of the benefits it offers.

“Smartphone, electronics or home electronics sales, excluding smartphones and smart TVs, rose more than 50 percent last year, amid falling prices on average by about 20 percent. And this has made intelligent products more and more accessible to individual users. We estimate this year a similar 50 percent increase in sales of smart electronics and home appliances,” says Mihai Patrascu, evoMAG CEO.

Budget for smart electronics and appliances

As consumer habits, Romanians are at an early stage in buying electronics and smart home appliances. On a first purchase, Romanians opt for products in a lower price category, such as sockets and smart light bulbs, security sensors (smoke detection, movement), surveillance cameras, Chromecast devices, personal assistant speakers, for which they are willing to pay between RON 200 and 500.

At a later acquisition, already accustomed to the benefits of new technologies and smart products, they opt for the more expensive products such as robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ovens and air conditioners that can be controlled by mobile phone, etc., for which it allocates a budget of about RON 2,000.

What smart electronics and electronics buy the Romanians

In the top of the Romanian preferences are the devices that ease the chores in a household and those that are used for the easier preparation of the food. In addition, smart electronics and smart home appliances are only good to work in the pre-Easter holidays. Even more so, some of them are also available for discount.

What can a smart washing machine do? Using a smartphone app, detects and diagnoses problems, and then provides simple troubleshooting solutions. This simplifies the service and on the basis of the information in the application, details about the washing machine errors can be sent to the authorized service. This prevents the entire washing machine from failing, warning users to operate outside of the optimum parameters before the machine fails. Moreover, some washing machines allow users to download new washing programs on a smartphone and, by simply touching the phone, install the new program in the washing machine’s memory.

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