Rising Air Pollution to Propel Air Purifiers Market in India

Deteriorating air quality due to increasing air pollution, rising respiratory diseases coupled with growing consumer awareness are driving the demand for air purifiers in the country. In 2017, Tier-I cities recorded highest demand for air purifiers, especially Delhi/NCR region; rising pollution level in Delhi/NCR is one of the key driving factors for higher consumer acceptance across the region. For instance, in January 2018, severe alarming levels of poor air quality in the Delhi/NCR region were recorded; this was mainly due to increasing number of automobiles and stubble burning near states including Punjab and Haryana.

The air purifiers market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 35 percent during 2018–2024, according to 6Wresearch. In regard to applications, the residential segment held the largest share of the market on account of surging consumer awareness toward air pollution, especially indoor impurities. In addition, aggressive marketing strategies by companies further propelled the customer adoption for air purifiers across the country, which is projected to post positive growth over the coming years.

In terms of technology, HEPA+carbon air purifiers acquired the largest market share in 2017 owing to their capability to remove maximum impurities as compared to other air purifiers. Moreover, in 2017, HEPA+carbon air purifiers recorded highest consumer acceptance owing to their capability of purifying a major quantity of air. However, on account of declining cost, and surging consumer awareness for other filters, PA+carbon+ionizer air purifiers are expected to register higher growth over the next 6 years. Presently, in terms of sales channel, the retail segment popularly known as offline mode led the air purifiers market majorly due to rising consumer queries regarding air purifier technology, and coverage area. Additionally, over the coming years, the offline mode is likely to post major demand for air purifiers attributed to several technical queries related to air purifier solutions. End consumers primarily opt for a personal visit to the store to gain all the desired offerings pertaining to custom requirements such as area coverage, air purification technologies, and other factors.

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