Retailer Association Against Walmart-Flipkart Deal

Federation of Retailer Association of India (FRAI) extended its support to Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) 90-day Rath Yatra protesting against the Walmart-Flipkart deal as it entered Hyderabad.

FRAI also appealed to the government of India to revoke back the deal as the livelihoods of millions of families are at stake because of deep discounting, funding loss and market concentration strategies adopted by e-commerce companies.

A statement issued by the association said that the unorganized retail in India is the second largest employment generating sector in the country after agriculture. Many retailers are from the lowest economic strata are sole earning members of their families and work hard just to provide basic meals and amenities to their families. For these retailers, meaningful employment is hard to come by and they have to depend on petty jobs to sustain ourselves.

Ram Asre Mishra, president, F RAI, said, “Such collaborations of multinationals will increase the cost of doing business for the poor retailers and will severely impact our daily earnings. We therefore appeal to central government to scarp this deal.”— Telangana Today

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