Refrigeration And AC Compressors Evolve To Meet Global Sustainability Goals

Manufacturers in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors industry are working toward producing efficient compressors for catering to the ever-growing government regulations. For instance, US DOE (Department of Energy) has mandated a nearly 50 percent reduction in energy consumption on the evolving stand-alone commercial refrigeration compressors as measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) per day. Researchers in Singapore have developed a water-based air conditioning system that cools air without chemical refrigerants and energy-intensive compressors. This solution is expected to be a sustainable and cost-effective solution for regulating ambient air conditions.

To reduce the costs related to air conditioning, Green Energy Solutions Inc. has focused on solar-assisted thermal air conditioning. The provider is of the point of view that solar thermal collector serves as the heat exchanger. Great Britain’s Solx Energy owns patent for the solar thermal technology, benefitting in refrigeration and air conditioning. LG Electronics USA Inc. recently developed scroll compressors benefitting in commercial refrigeration together with two rotary and stage compressors beneficial for residential air conditioning systems. The scroll refrigeration compressors cater to the need of reliability together with energy-effective and smooth operations. Carrier Corporation has developed high-speed screw compressor by testing it with new non-flammable and low pressure HFO refrigerant, in a bid to attain long-term solutions for air conditioning systems.

Manufacturers are doing more with less by means of modulation, magnetic-bearing, vapor-compression, and oil-free technologies along with the adoption of low and natural GWP refrigerants. They are also making heavy investments in R&D for building refrigeration and air conditioning compressors with high-performance, thereby catering to the price expectations of customers as well as equipment suppliers.

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