Realme unveils the world’s first SLED 4K smart TV

Realme, over the weekend, officially unveiled what it claims is the world’s first SLED 4K smart TV. This is the first time the technology is making an outing and even though the product isn’t going official, the company is showcasing the potential of the new technology.

SLED technology is an awesome alternative to Quantum Dot based displays (QLED). The SLED panel utilises a backlight different from the white backlight on the LCD panel. This time around, the backlight uses red, green and blue LEDs to create the triplet as it has polarizers and a liquid crystal layer.

The SLED technology is also said to be different from QLED. In the case of QLED panel, it has a blue backlight and uses quantum dots that absorb blue light and emit red or green. Then an LCD layer helps control the amount of light that passes through each pixel.

The TV it was showcased onboard is a 55-inch smart TV which delivers 108% coverage of the NTSC color spectrum. However, the panel is said to come with controlled Bluelight and is TÜV Rheinland certified.

Realme claims the SLED technology will deliver superior results to the problem of blue light than QLED. There is no doubt that this new technology is aimed at taking on competitors like Samsung and OnePlus who have already released QLED TVs in the Indian market. It is left to be seen if this new technology will gain traction when the product goes commercial.-Gizmo China

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