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Realme launches convertible air conditioners in India

Realme doesn’t just offer smartphones or laptops but also caters to other household requirements. The company already offers washing machines and vacuum cleaners, and now enters into the air conditioner space. The tech giant launched the TechLife range of convertible air conditioners in India on Wednesday.

These Realme ACs come with the ability to alter cooling capacity based on the number of people present in the room. It also features an inverter compressor technology, which the company claims can offer faster cooling as well as longer compressor durability. The inverter compressor technology comes with the ability to preserve the life of the compressor and offer faster, efficient, and precise cooling operation.

The Realme convertible air conditioners start at a price of Rs 27,790 for the 1-ton model, while the price of the 1.5-ton model goes up to Rs 30,999. These are four-star models but the company says that they will offer a five-star 1.5-ton model priced at Rs 33,490. All these air conditioners will be available for purchase on Flipkart. The exact sale date has not been revealed yet.

Realme air conditioners launched: Top features
One of the key aspects that differentiate Realme Techlife ACs is the ability to offer cooling at peak temperatures of 55 degrees. The models also come with an automatic cleaning system, which the company claims protects the appliance from moisture, dust, and mould. These machines offer modes such as — Dry, Eco, and three sleep.

These ACs come with 4-in-1 cooling for higher energy savings. The company says that the cooling capacity can be altered between 40 per cent, 60 per cent, 80 per cent, and 110 per cent. Other features include — Blue Fin Technology, Auto Cleaning feature, Silent operations, Stabilizer free operations. The auto cleaning feature runs for 30 seconds when the machine is switched off and dries water droplets by a strong air throw. The Blue Fin Technology also provides effective protection for coils from water droplets, salt, and acid deposition.

This is the first time that Realme has launched air conditioners in the country. The company already offers a range of smart home appliances. Realme recently unveiled a new range of semi-automatic washing machines featuring an antibacterial silver ion wash technology, which the company claims reduces exposure to infection. To recall, the tech giant announced the Realme TechLife handheld vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum-mop, and air purifier in India last year. IndiaToday

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