R32 Splits Accounted For 37% Of The Market In 2019

Split system air conditioners using the lower GWP refrigerant R32 accounted for approximately 37% of the European market in 2019, with this share expected to exceed 80% by 2023.

Latest figures by UK market consultants BSRIA reveal that the European air conditioning and heat pump market, driven by the European F-gas regulation, is leading the way in the adoption of GWP and natural refrigerants in these systems.

The European air conditioning and heat pump market (up to 50kW) continued to grow in 2019 with the 11.9 million units sold representing a market value of €13.7bn.

In the heat pump market, over 80% of heat pumps sold in 2019 contained R410A, with R134A being the second most common. The other two refrigerants in use are R32 and propane (R290), but these are expected to increase in importance in a move away from R410A.

R410A, with its GWP of 2088, has come under pressure in Europe due to the European F-gas phase down. Most manufacturers now offer R32 split systems and some have switched their entire range to the lower GWP refrigerant. Its flammability, however, precludes it from use in larger air conditioning systems and VRF.―Cooling Post

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