QLED TV Sales Forecast To Surge 88 Percent From Last Year

KB Securities Co. said on July 3 that QLED TV sales will surge this year, presenting a positive investment opinion for the display and home appliance industry as before.

Analyst Kim Dong-won said, “Shipments of QLED televisions, which have already surpassed those of OLED televisions from the third quarter of last year, will be much higher than expectations. QLED TV shipments are expected to total 5.10 million units this year, up 88 percent from last year, surpassing the 3.40 million units projected for OLED TVs.”

He added, “QLED TV sales have surged because Samsung Electronics has secured a diverse product mix for each size, and strengthened marketing activities by flexibly reducing the prices of television sets, reflecting the drops in LCD panels.”

Kim also said, “Samsung Electronics’ Consumer Electronics (CE) business division is expected to see its operating profit increase 24 percent to 2.50 trillion won (US$2.14 billion) this year.” He expected that Samsung Display, Samsung SDI and QLED TV related component producers, such as Hansol Chemical and Hansol Technics, would see improvement in performance.―Business Korea

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