QLED TV Leads Growth Of Global TV Market In Q1

Quantum-dot light-emitting diode TVs led growth in the world’s premium TV market in the first quarter of this year, in contrast to organic light-emitting diode TVs, according to market data on Wednesday.

Data compiled by IHS Markit showed that a total of 912,000 QLED TVs were sold in the January to March period, increasing 2.5-fold from 367,000 units in the same period last year.

Samsung Electronics spearheaded growth in QLED TVs by selling 896,000 units, a threefold increase from a year earlier. The company has been pushing for the expansion of QLED TVs. In 2017, it launched a flagship lineup to compete with OLED TV technology.

QLED TVs use liquid-crystal displays for the main screens and apply a quantum-dot film sheet for brightness and picture quality, while OLED TVs use self-emissive OLED panels.

“QLED TV has become mainstream globally as its total sales volume showed,” a Samsung official said.

With 2019 QLED models, Samsung has maintained its top position in the TV market with a 29.4 percent share for the 14th consecutive year.

Meanwhile, 611,000 units of OLED TVs were sold in the first quarter of this year, mostly by LG Electronics. LG came in second with a 16.5 percent share, followed by Sony with 8.3 percent and TCL with 7.5 percent.

Total market sales volume stood at 52 million, a slight expansion on-year, but the value of the market declined to around $25 billion.―Korea Herald

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