Price Rally For Small- And Mid-Size TV Panels To Stop

The ongoing rally in prices of small- and medium-size TV panels is likely to last only until June or July due to a pile-up of inventories in the supply chain, according to industry sources.

Prices of small- and medium-size TV panels have been rising since March as TV brands have been building up their inventories amid decreased supplies, and better-than-expected sales of TVs at the end of 2018 thanks to reduction in end-market prices, said the sources.

Additionally, Samsung Electronics originally planned to switch one of its 8.5G LCD fab, dubbed L8-1-1, to the development and production of QD-OLED panels in early second-quarter 2019, prompting TV brands to build up inventories bracing for possible shortages.

The shortage concerns will fuel further prices increases for small- and medium-size TV panels in April and May, said the sources. But when the inventory build-up is unlikely to last for too long and then the price rally will stop, commented the sources.

Meanwhile, there have been reports indicating that Samsung may postpone the LCD production phaseout at its L8-1-1 line to the end of July from the original schedule set in April. This decision could affect the supply of TV panels for the third quarter, the sources added.

Meanwhile, prices of large-size TV panels will continue coming under pressures in 2019 due to increased output mainly from China-based players, including China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), HKC, BOE Technology, the CEC Group, as well as from Sakai SIO International Guangzhou, said the sources.―Digitimes

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