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Post-COVID readiness and tech innovations

Crisis tests all, and it is the mighty that will leverage this as an opportunity and emerge stronger not only for themselves but also for their employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and the industry as a whole. With this attitude, companies have started prepping for the future 2.0 which would emerge, as the planned future 1.0 seems to be obsolete before launch.

The installed base of electronic appliances in India is approximately 3 billion, of which 8–10 percent go for repair every year, contributing to USD 4-billion market for repairs. The industry receives approximately 25 million electronic products for repair in every 30 days. This is the quantum of people who are suffering. Due to lockdown, the numbers are affected severely. Companies continue to use primitive ways of repair, resulting in poor customer experience with lack of standardization, and ensuing the last-mile service personnel defining the quality of service.

A continuum of innovation is the key to ensure relevance in the industry and to the customers. A company can create a trend of healthy and helpful practices in after-sales services. In today’s era, technology plays integral role in all the fields.

247around being the largest appliance repair company with pan-India operations, has recently launched a video-based remote diagnostics appliance repair service for those stuck at home with faulty home appliances. They are providing this service free of cost to assist people, as technicians are not able to reach them.

As everyone is ensuring their safety, technician’s safety is a great responsibility as well. Thus, the other technical innovation their team has launched while working from home is integration of COVID red zones in their agent app. This serves as a handy indicator for the technician about the area he is visiting, and hence a feature that the technicians are welcoming.

All the technicians are issued WHO guidelines to ensure their visit to the customers is safe and they deliver the services following it with caution. Service centers check the technician’s temperature before issuing calls to them. Face mask, hand gloves, and hand sanitizer are mandatory for them to use while providing the service.

They should neither sign nor get the customers sign on any document(s). As they visit the customer’s place, they should call the customer on phone from door and not use the doorbell.

They should wash their hands before the work starts, and also after the work is done.

If the customer looks unwell (cough, fever), no work is to be done. The engineer can leave after apologizing respectfully. The customer should stand at a safe distance of three feet from the technician and the helper. The engineer must leave all his belongings like helmet, etc., outside the customer’s house. The helper is also supposed to follow same guidelines as the technician to make sure all the above for the helper too.

When the industry follows the guidelines, and the companies ensure their implementation through the ground team, situations like today’s can easily be handled. It is time that we be vigilant, and feel free to be a part of the more helpful online virtual help.

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