Philips Unveils A USD 350 4K Android TV With Google Assistant

Philips has actually launched a pretty affordable smart TV. This comes in the form of two lineups where they are offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 43-inches and going up to 75-inches, but the cheapest model will be priced starting at USD 350. This is incredibly affordable when you consider that the base model will come with 4K resolution and will run on Google’s Android TV platform with support for Google Assistant.

The use of Android TV means that users can expect to access a plethora of apps, versus manufacturer-specific operating systems in which the variety of apps might not be as much. The models will come Bluetooth near-field microphones so that users will be able to activate Google Assistant, which also means that you should be able to use it to do things that you might expect from a Google Home.

It also appears that Chromecast has also been built into the TVs so users will be able to wirelessly stream and mirror content from their mobile devices to their TVs.―Ubergizmo

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