Philips Announces 2019 OLED TV Ranges With Dolby Vision And Atmos

Philips has just announced two new OLED TV ranges for 2019. The OLED 804 and OLED 854 are 4K models that look set to replace the excellent OLED 803.

Both models get a new version of Philips’ own P5 Perfect Picture Engine, plus Ambilight 3 and, in a Philips first, Dolby Vision. HDR10+ is confirmed as also being on board, as it was on the company’s 2018 OLEDs.

While there’s no mention of Bowers & Wilkins audio in regard to the OLED 804 and OLED 854 models, both will apparently support Dolby Atmos. Our assumption is that there will be another range above these that get the B&W treatment, much like the OLED 903 in 2018.

As for the actual differences between the 804 and 854, we’ve little idea at this point. The two models clearly have different stands, with the 804 getting dinky feet in the style of the OLED 803 and the 854 having a more typical pedestal stand, but beyond that Philips hasn’t confirmed anything.

Needless to say, we don’t at this point have size or price info, either, but Philips did mention a vague first-half of 2019 launch. We should know more within the next 24 hours and will update this story accordingly.―What Hi-Fi

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