Panasonic Highlights It’s 4K Visual Technologies At Expo 2019

From March 26th to 29th, At the Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas Convention Centre, Panasonic will be featuring its range of products and services offered by the 4k visual systems technologies and also the customized solutions of digital signage.

For the engagement and immersion of digital signage experiences, Panasonic creates visual solutions that are customized for different industries. This is achieved by the aid of the projectors and Panasonic’s 4K displays that integrate the content remarkably. Various industries that benefit from Panasonic’s services range from the food to transportation to the entertainment service. As far as personalizing digital signage is concerned, Panasonic offers amazing experiences for the end-users backed by Panasonic’s Enterprise Media Solutions. In addition to this, Self Service Kiosk by Panasonic provides tremendous offers which include easy navigation that results in enhanced customer satisfaction. Following are the new products offered by Panasonic that will enhance plenty of digital signage scenarios:

Panasonic’s EQ1 Series 4K Professional Displays provides solutions that are not only simple and fluid, but their value also exceeds their cost. They meet the needs of digital signage. The stylish design of narrow bezel and the slip depth of the new display series maximizes the screen size to 4K display. Other technologies used in the Laser Projector are PT-RQ22KU 3Chips DLP, PT-RZ120KU 1Chip based DLP, as well as Space Player 1Chip based DLPLaser Projector.

As highlighted by the Sales Director of Panasonic System Solutions, Rob Goldberg “Panasonic’s breadth of solutions positions us as a trusted leader who customers can rely on for reliable, durable, and high-quality products. Our extensive portfolio offers access to interactive signage solutions, immersive projection mapping and 4K display technology which supports our commitment to deliver exceptional, engaging and dazzling visual experiences helping our customers stand out from the crowd and take their businesses to the next level.”―Technology News

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