Panasonic Briefs Distributors On New Products

Panasonic has informed UK distributors of plans to launch a number of new products this year as it seeks to become number three in the world by 2021.

A new R32 heat pump, the ECOi-W – the heat pump chiller created from its collaboration with Systemair – along with a new Virtual Personal Assistant for air conditioning and hotel room controller, were announced at the recent Panasonic UK distributor briefing at the Belfry.

“Our aim is to become one supplier that can fulfil all our customer needs in heating and cooling,” said Enrique Vilamitjana, MD Panasonic AC & Heating Europe. “We now offer efficient and attractive solutions in CO2, GHP, A2A and A2W – our target is to become number three in the world by 2021.”

The new J Generation all-in-one, air to water Aquarea range boasts a new chiller function that is said to provide cooling down to 10ºC and hot water of 60ºC plus. Along with the use of R32 refrigerant, the new range has a COP up to 5.33 and a DHW COP of up to 3.3. Available from September, models will be rated A+++ in low temperature operation.

A new virtual personal assistant for air conditioning, that will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, is due to be launched in July. Panasonic’s solutions that are compatible with the Comfort Cloud app, including all its domestic air-conditioners and PACi systems, can now be voice-activated to provide simple and convenient, smart control.

The new Touch hotel room control is designed to improve functionality for both the hotel and guests. The controller promises flexible installation, a new fascia design and flush finish front, along with touch display button arrangement.

Distributors were updated on Panasonic’s partnership with Systemair, and the imminent launch of the ECOi-W heat pump chiller – the first tangible result of the collaboration.

Enrique Vilamitjana also informed the attendees that production of Aquarea units had started at the company’s new factory in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Currently operating with one production line, is scheduled to reach 40,000 Aquarea units yearly.―Cooling Post

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