Onida Launches New Smart AC Series – ONYX SMART And GENIO

Onida announced the launch of a new smart AC series – ONYX SMART and GENIO.

In the last quarter, Onida achieved phenomenal growth of 108 percent in AC segment, pumped up by its success and the forecasted demand of voice-driven smart technology in Air Conditioners in an Indian market, the brand has launched these two new models.

ONYX SMART is a Voice-Integrated Smart Air-conditioner, which works with Alexa, driven by inhouse ViOT (Voice IOT) technology and helps you control the air conditioner with only your voice through the Amazon’s Alexa App. The other major AC being launched is GENIO, which in Spanish means GENIUS, a product with unique and exceptional features.

Along with the smart voice technology, Onida will also be introducing Magnified Cooling with Multiplier Inverter Technology. This means that ONIDA’s Inverter air conditioners deliver 120 percent magnified cooling in just 30 seconds, cooling beyond the rated capacity of the AC, due to multiplier inverter technology.

Also, ONIDA has developed and unique and powerful Smart Home App, available on both iOS and Google Play Store, makes your smartphone the single platform which controls the entire eco-system of remote-operated devices in your home.―Business Standard

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