OnePlus TV Launch Now Likely In 2020

One of the biggest hypes that got geeks and fans of OnePlus talking was the OnePlus TV. After Pete Lau confirmed it through one of his blog posts earlier this year, the world of technology went berserk. OnePlus in the TV category – this was something that nobody saw coming. The media, as well as the fans since then, have been eagerly looking forward to when OnePlus would come out with the smart TV. While it would be a while before the first of the OnePlus TVs reaches the drawing room of consumers, we look at all the developments that have happened so far in this regard.

Earlier this month, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed in an interview to India Today Tech that the OnePlus TV would be unveiled latest by the middle of 2019. “We have not set a date because first we want to get the product right. This is a big project for us. Initially, the idea was to launch the OnePlus TV in India around May, when the cricket season starts (June 1 is when the World Cup begins). But now we are not thinking of any specific launch date. At OnePlus we are obsessed about the quality and we want to ensure that our TV meets the high standards we set for ourselves,” Lau told India Today Tech at the time.

OnePlus believes that television is an evolving industry in the country and there is a demand for a groundbreaking product that can truly change the face of the smart TV industry. However, if not done in a clever way, OnePlus could lose out on the opportunity. Therefore, similar to the strategy for their OnePlus smartphones, the company will be getting along with Amazon to sell the TV exclusively via the online retail initially. “Television is a growing category for us and we have invested heavily in making sure that people who buy TVs from Amazon India get a seamless experience. That is why we have even started ‘install on delivery’ service for TVs. We will be able to utilize all of our expertise in delivering TVs to sell the OnePlus TV whenever it launches,” said Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India.

However, later in the month, Lau confirmed in an interview to The Economic Times that the development work on the OnePlus TV will require more time. Therefore, the launch date has now been pushed to 2020. “To get the software up to the standards we expect, to create a differentiate experience requires a huge amount of work. We do not want to release something that is more or less already out there in the market,” said Lau. While no other information as released about the TV, Lau did confirm that India will one of the first few countries to get the OnePlus TV.

While not much information about the TV has been hinted, several rumours and speculations have mentioned that the OnePlus TV will be more than just a smart TV. The product will adhere to OnePlus’s strict quality control standards, both in terms of hardware and software. Some have even suggested that the OnePlus TV will act as a smart hub for homes. This suggests that OnePlus could be making a voice assistant the core part of their smart TV functionality. It is also speculated that the TV will integrate seamlessly with OnePlus devices and offer an unparalleled smart multimedia experience. However, the product won’t be cheaper as the focus on quality viewing experience could push the prices to premium segments of the TV market and make it limited to only the affluent segment.

As of now, OnePlus is presently focusing all its attention on the 5G smartphone promised to be unveiled in early 2019. Therefore, not much information about the OnePlus TV is expected to surface during these months. However, judging by their past, if OnePlus is claiming to unveil a smart TV that will change the dynamics of the market, it should be worth the wait.― India Today

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