OnePlus TV Is Getting Ready, Says OnePlus India GM

Following up with the introduction of its OnePlus 7 series of smartphones in India, OnePlus is now looking to launch a product under a new catalogue and as expected, it’s going to be the OnePlus TV.

In an interview with The Mobile Indian, OnePlus India General Manager Vikas Agarwal said that the OnePlus TV is getting ready. The news comes eight months after OnePlus announced that is taking the first steps in developing a Smart TV.

Agarwal told The Mobile Indian “We don’t have a timeline yet but our focus is to get the software right so that it can be a differentiator. We want to provide an amazing user experience on our TVs”.

Upon asking whether OnePlus will launch the upcoming product in the country, Agarwal disclosed that at the time the OnePlus TV is announced, it’ll come to India.

The latest development comes after OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed last year that he’ll also lead the new TV division alongside the existing smartphone division. Lau then said “I dream about a time when technology is truly seamless, an effortless part of your life without being the focus. As other consumer electronics have evolved and improved our lives, televisions have remained conventional and cumbersome”.

At a time when Xiaomi appears to have disrupted the budget to mid-range television segment in the country, the inception of OnePlus in the market would mean that potential TV buyers will soon have a chance to get the flagship TV features for lower prices. Considering OnePlus’ history, we can expect their TV to hit the mid-premium segment when it launches in India.

Keeping in mind that OnePlus is now focusing on the software side of the OnePlus TV, it will make sense if the company decides to partner with Google for releasing its first TV running on Google’s Android TV interface. If not, it remains to be seen how OnePlus plans to tackle Xiaomi’s Patchwall and Samsung’s Smart Hub in terms of software.

Since OnePlus has now confirmed that the OnePlus TV is getting ready, we can expect the product to hit the market later this year, in line with what the company estimated previously.―The Mobile Indian

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