OnePlus TV Coming To India In 2020

According to a previous report, the OnePlus TV was supposed to arrive in India in 2019. However, that does not seem to be case now. During the interview, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was asked if the TV would hit the market in 2019, to which he replied that it would perhaps happen in 2020. He did mention that India would be one of the first markets to get the new TV from OnePlus. This flagship product will also be exclusively sold via Amazon India. OnePlus and Amazon India have a great ongoing relationship and also celebrated a 4 year partnership recently.

Pete Lau stated that there is no deadline for the TV yet as they want it to be the best Smart TV in the market. Of course, to build a perfect smart TV which will definitely be a flagship killer, takes time. OnePlus wants its customers to have a very different experience with its TV. When questioned about the pricing for the TV, Lau replied that it will have a competitive pricing similar to its smartphones.

OnePlus started out as a flagship killer, offering its smartphones for quarter the price of other flagships. However, over time, as company costs have increased, the prices have too. Even then, OnePlus smartphones are still much cheaper than the competition without sacrificing on important features.

A community built smart TV

The OnePlus Smart TV does not have a name yet, but it will have one soon. OnePlus had asked the help of its customers to come with a name for its first TV. The company held a contest on its Forums, which is now closed, and stated that the winning entry would win the first OnePlus TV and a full sponsored round-trip to the announcement of the product. Apart from that 10 finalists will win a free pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones. The winners will be announced by December 17.

OnePlus also asked the help of its 5 million strong community members to provide feedback on current Smart TVs and how to improve them. The company is using the community’s help to build a better TV and to understand what its users want the most out of such a product. This is a good strategy, something the company has done before. However, its latest OnePlus 6T smartphone did get rid of the headphone jack, which was not what the community wanted. Well, sometimes the company has to do what it thinks is right.― MySmartPrice

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