OnePlus Smart TV Will Reportedly Launch In 2019

The OnePlus TV will be launching in 2019. The company is reportedly still working on the TV, with company CEO Pete Lau stating that it is still working to “get the product right.” The Chinese company has previously confirmed that it is indeed going to launch a smart television set, and even launched a ‘You Name It’ contest for its fans and forum members, where it invited suggestions for the TV’s name.

With work still going on, speculations suggest that the OnePlus TV will be launched sometime in mid- to late-2019. There has not been much information and details pertaining to the TV ever since it was first announced in September this year and OnePlus has kept its cards closed. Furthermore, it has also been reported that it will be a part of the company’s partnership with Amazon India — a partnership that is now 4 years old. OnePlus already sells its smartphones in partnership with Amazon India, and will reportedly follow the same route with its TV.

OnePlus is likely to take more than just its Amazon partnership from its smartphones. Reports indicate that OnePlus may have some sort of a special compatibility mode to seamlessly integrate its TV with its smartphones. Furthermore, much like its smartphones, the OnePlus TV is also expected to cater to customer feedback and what they would ideally want. As a result, speculations suggest that OnePlus may refrain from massive, 55-inch and 65-inch panels, and instead focus on making a TV with reasonably compact screen size of around 40 inches. This could ideally be paired with 4K resolution, smart connectivity and a robust operating system for TV with compatibility to a wide range of services.

There has been no word so far pertaining to possible pricing, but that too is expected to be similar to OnePlus’ phones. The OnePlus TV is possibly going to be priced in the mid-range belt, without underselling itself. OnePlus may also look to sell its TV through its newly-established offline stores, as well as its partners. — 91Mobiles

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