OnePlus Is Working On A Smart TV

Ever since OnePlus released their debut OnePlus One smartphone, the technology world has been paying a lot of attention to the Chinese brand, which is known for its lower price points compared to the competition. After their entry in the smartphone- and accessories market, it looks like OnePlus is now trying to break through somewhere completely else: in the smart television market.

CEO and a top official of the company, Pete Lau, will be heading this new smart television division. The company also reiterates that while the jump from high-end smartphones to television is quite noteworthy, this tv should comply with the company’s vision. It’s unknown if OnePlus wants to compete at the price point level, which is the strategy it uses with its smartphones. The buzzwords simplicity, efficiency and intelligent functionality are being used.

According to Lau, televisions have not progressed as much as other types of electronics and he wanted to change this. Apparently, the company will heavily take user feedback into account and the community will play a major role in the development of this smart television, both before and after it has released. At the moment, the company hasn’t stated anything regarding technical specifications, a price point or a release date – but the whole thing does sound promising and it’ll be interesting to see how OnePlus can compete with major television brands in the future. – TechFrag

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