OLED TV Panel Shipments Double In A Year

The high-end 2017 TV market was a watershed moment for OLED screens. Critical acclaim for the latest OLED TVs together with a growth in the number of TV brands supporting OLED technology and a relative off year for rival LCD screens all contributed to surging 2017 OLED TV sales.

Now new figures released by LG Display show that 2017’s OLED successes have continued through to the first half of 2018.

LG Display reports that it shipped 1.3 million units of large-sized (55-inch to 77-inch) OLED panels in the January to June 2018 period, compared with 600,000 over the same period the previous year – an increase of more than 100 percent.

There seems no reason to expect this surge in big OLED panel fortunes to fall off any time soon, either. LG Display has greatly improved its OLED production efficiency in recent years, and in the latter half of 2019 a new big-screen OLED production line in China should boost the manufacturer’s monthly OLED production capability to 130,000 sheets from the current 70,000 sheets. And each of these sheets can deliver six 55-inch OLED screens.

It should be said that even the much improved OLED production numbers fall well short of the number of units the world’s various LCD manufacturers can produce. But the size of the OLED year on year advance really is striking, and appears to show that consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for premium TV technology. Plus, of course, the more LG can leverage its growing production capacity to gradually reduce OLED prices, the bigger that pool of aspirational OLED buyers will continue to get.

“Numerous global TV brands are adopting OLED displays as they acknowledge the distinctive value of OLED,” an LG Display spokesman told the Yonhap News Agency. “We expect to post a net profit in the large-sized OLED segment for the first time in the second half of this year.” – Forbes

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